Sometimes, people in urban areas can have a bat problem. This can happen in rural areas as well. In the city if you have a bat problem if you call the police they will come and take care of the problem for you. They will trap it in a box trying not to injure it in any way and then release it outside. In the country, people are more likely to take care of this type of situation themselves and may think that it is funny that people in the city are afraid of a tiny bat.


Bats are helping to control the insect population, so humane trapping and releasing is important. Bats contribute greatly to the reduction of insects and without them the insect population would be out of control. There are a number of ways to safely evict bats and if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself then it is usually possible to find someone that can help you.

Humane squirrel removal

If determining whether or not squirrels have been orphaned it is important to be patient, but also to act quickly once determining that they are orphans. The most important thing is to provide heat to them. This is especially important if their eyes are not even opened yet because they are unable to self-regulate their body temperatures. Contacting the correct people forĀ squirrel removal Atlanta who will care for the squirrel and not put it down should be done. Make sure to be aware and pay attention to what people say on the phone. Some people will either euthanize the animal or use it for some type of animal testing.

When humanely captured and given to the right people to care for it squirrels have a relatively good chance at life. They are first assessed with a physical exam to determine how healthy they are and what they will need as far as care is concerned. The baby squirrels will be taken care of until they are healthy enough to be released into the wild. Sometimes, the squirrel will be given food and gradually taken off of it as they learn how to fend for themselves better.

It is important to keep in mind that when a mother is around for her babies and is living in an area in your house that is unused the mother and her babies should be left there until the mother decides to move with her babies. This gives them the best shot possible at life in the wild. The squirrels will not bother anyone, and if you are looking for the best option of treating them humanely than leaving them alone altogether may be the best option.


Humanely dealing with raccoons

Raccoons can be beneficial for us and the environment for similar reasons to the bat. Raccoons also consume insects and help with pest control. Raccoons can sometimes be somewhat of a nuisance as well because they enjoy eating everything including vegetables in gardens. It is important to handle a raccoon situation in your home the same way that you would handle the squirrels. If a mother and her babies are using some space for a little while, your best bet is to just leave them be until they move on to somewhere else.

There are actually laws in some states prohibiting capturing raccoons and then releasing them on private or public property somewhere. If it becomes to be too much of a problem that it seems unbearable contact someone who can direct you to a legal way of removing them from your property. Once they are gone take the necessary measures to prevent reentry by other wild animals into your home.